Terms & Conditions

Your Responsibility

Your responsibility to Arnie’s Driver Training is to have your log book or app, license and payment for the lesson with you prior to the beginning of your lesson. If you do not have one of the items mentioned you will forfeit you driving lesson.
It is a requirement that you must have a blood alcohol reading of .00 and be drug free when driving at any time, either with your parents or under instruction by Arnie’s Driver Training. If you have been drinking or taking drugs either the day of your lesson or the night before, you need to cancel that lesson.

Pickup and Drop off

All pickup and drop off arrangements need to be made prior to your lesson, if you need to change your pickup or drop off, please give adequate notice so that this can be scheduled and arranged.

Lesson Cancelation

If a lesson needs to be cancelled due to ill health or another commitment has arisen, please give 30 minutes notice of the cancellation. If insufficient notice is given a cancellation fee of $25 maybe charged on you next lesson.
If Arnie’s Driver Training has to cancel your lesson, you will be notified and a new appointment will be arranged for you.


All lessons that are undertaken will need to be paid for in cash at the start of the lesson; there will be no time for you to go by the A.T.M in your driving lesson to get cash for that lesson. NO cash, NO lesson.