Useful Links

Vic Roads publications & forms
This page contains useful information and forms about licensing in Victoria such as “Driving in Victoria – rules and responsibilities”.

Vic Roads licences
This is the main entry point into Vic Roads licensing pages, including the steps and fees in relation to licensing.

Vic Roads practice learner permit test
Vic Roads information about preparing for the learner permit knowledge test.

The Road to Solo Driving
The Road to Solo Driving handbook helps you prepare for the learner permit knowledge and driver licence tests.

Hazard Perception Test Practice

Hazard Perception Test
Check out this page to practice the Hazard Perception Test.


Vic Roads Youtube Channel
Vic Roads have their own YouTube Channel with many useful videos. Check it out!

Vic Roads Common Road Rules Video Series


Giving way at roundabout

Driving with Trams

Giving way at intersections

Merging lanes safely

When you can safely perform a U-turn

Performing a hook turn