About Arnie’s Driver Training

Arnie’s Driver Training has opened up in Hamilton, Portland, Ararat and the surrounding districts, with Jack “Arnie” Arnel being the owner and operator of Arnie’s Driver Training. “Arnie” has completed the rigorous certificate 4 course in transport and logistics –Driving Instructing to become a fully qualified driving instructor. “Arnie” is approved through the Taxi Service Commission to hold the Driving Instructor Authority license and be accredited with The Australian Driver Training Association of Victoria.

Arnie’s Driver Training is here to ensure that you become a safe, efficient and confident driver on Victorian roads, while enjoying the whole learning experience along the way. “Arnie” will guide you through all aspects of driver education and will ensure that all information presented to you is practical and easy to understand. As part of the training you will be taught how to drive and to also understand the Vicroads testing criteria, be able to do low speed manoeuvres and parking methods that you will need to know to pass the Vicroads test.

Arnie’s Driver Training offers different motoring experiences such as night, country and dual lane driving, allowing you to experience all driving conditions that you will be faced with at a later date.

Arnie’s Driver Training is also a qualified Keys2Drive driving school. So ask us how you can get you 1 Free driving lesson through Keys2drive.

Vehicle Information

The vehicles used in Arnie’s Driver Training are Hyundai i30 hatchbacks, one automatic and one manual, that have been modified so that the driving instructor can take control of the car at any time if necessary. These pedals where professionally fitted by an accredited engineer at Franks Engineering in Melbourne. Arnie’s also has the required comprehensive vehicle insurance provided by R.A.C.V for all driving instructors for their vehicles.